Green Venues

When our clients are booking events there is an increased demand to look for green and sustainable venues. The spaces that have invested in green and corporate social responsibility are being chosen by event bookers to demonstrate and emulate their own companies green and sustainable values.

Academic Venue Solutions Members work in partnership with Greengage Solutions, a company that provides ECOsmart certification to venues that can demonstrate an eco-friendly approach. Many do this by showing they’ve embarked on a sustainable journey and that they’re implementing steps that will allow event planners to measure the impact of their events. Typically, venues will focus on reducing their carbon footprint through energy reduction measures alongside water conservation, waste recycling, eliminating single use plastics, sustainably sourced catering and eco-friendly meeting facilities.

Academic venues have a reputation for integrating  a sustainable ethos. Some of our Members have applied creative eco-solutions such as producing their own bottled water and embraced initiatives to encourage bio-diversity such as the installation of bee hives and worm farms that aid composting. Each member with a Green Strategy and ECOsmart accreditation is highlighted on their webpage with our Green Venue Stamp.