Why marshmallow spaghetti towers are fundamental to your business: What is the purpose of team building?

Often, when people think of team building they imagine pressured brainstorming sessions or building a tower out of marshmallows and spaghetti. However, there are many more reasons why it’s important for teams to have some time out together away from the office.

What are the benefits of team building?

Team building events create positive and motivating experiences that teams can share together. It allows team members to step away from the stresses of the office, instead of allowing individuals to build successful relationships in a relaxed, energising atmosphere. Whether your aim is to develop or strengthen a new team, improve communication or simply want to have some rewarding fun, team events are an excellent way to increase productivity and build greater collaboration with employees.

What results can I expect to see from team building?

Immediate results from team building events are often smiles on your colleague’s faces and heightened conversations. There’ll be a buzz in the air as they share memorable experiences together. However, a greater appreciation of each other amongst teams develops. Team members have an increased sense of belonging. Fundamentally, colleagues work together more openly creating a stronger and more creative team.

How do I build a team activity day?

Lancaster Conferences and Events+ works closely with See Events, an innovative and engaging events company based in the Lake District. See Events specialise in delivering creative corporate team building events. From development or wellbeing programmes to energisers and group activities, they design and tailor your event to meet your individual requirements and company objectives. Michaela Irving from See Events explains,

“We design and tailor our events to individual requirements and company objectives; planning, organising and creating a quality event to compliment your occasion, making it easier for you!”

One of See Event’s key venues includes Forrest Hills, located just five minutes drive off the M6 heading towards Lancaster University. At Forrest Hills, delegates can enjoy green spaces, a characterful and charming activity centre and a lakeside setting ideal for a variety of team building activities. Michaela describes,

“Forrest Hills is a fantastic site for a multitude of events. From outdoor pursuits such as raft building, canoeing, duck herding and orienteering, through to themed events including movie making, culinary events, treasure hunts and problem solving - there’s not much we can’t offer! The stunning surroundings at Forrest Hills are also the perfect backdrop for our wellbeing events, designed to improve personal wellbeing in the workplace.”

So, whether you think your team would be able to produce a state-of-the-art raft or build the greatest spaghetti tower that’s ever existed, one thing you can guarantee is that your team (and your business) will benefit and grow from a team building day.

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