Market Trends Update from SpeedyBooker: Positive Forecasts for UK Tourism in 2023

  • VisitBritain is expecting this year's spending to be higher than 2019.  Although the total volume of visitors is expected to be around 86% of the 2019 levels,  it is predicted that total spending will hit an all-time high. 
  • 2023 is also expected to be a great year for staycations due to the cost of living crisis and a shift towards sustainable travel.
  • Customers are also increasingly looking for unique and immersive experiences such as retreats. Experiences that offer a deeper understanding of the culture of the destination and a more meaningful connection to people and places.  

Our Plans for this year

We recently visited Oxford and Cambridge with our Annual Presentation – it was great to be back in front of our vendors!  Both events were well received, saw good attendance and more importantly, enabled us to receive quality feedback from our vendors.

We are using this feedback constructively to help us shape our marketing and promotional activity for this Summer. International customers will always play a strong part in our business, however this will be coupled with a renewed focus on domestic tourists – who are more likely to stay in town and shop more widely and contribute more towards effectively into the local economies, away from the traditional tourist traps.

Demand for 2023 can help your College/University to fill rooms that otherwise would be left empty. Our service is flexible, we don’t require a minimum allocation and only charge based on the volume of bookings generated. Early booking levels and customer enquiries are high! Ensure you maximise your booking potential by joining UniversityRooms and start selling your rooms for Summer 2023. 

World Land Trust "Buy An Acre Programme"

In 2022, SpeedyBooker contributed to purchasing and protecting two and a half acres of threatened habitats and their wildlife, thanks to the bookings we have generated. This will help create permanently protected nature reserves in Argentina and Kenya. Thank you to our customers and vendors for helping us to save land and species.

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