MEETinLEEDS welcomed the world’s largest hybrid academic gathering to the University of Leeds

1st August 2022: MEETinLEEDS, the conference and events facilitators for the University of Leeds, welcomed the world’s largest medieval academic event, the International Medieval Congress (IMC), back to the University of Leeds for its 29th year - this time with its first ever fully hybrid event.

A key feature in the annual academic calendar, attracting scholars from all over the world, the IMC brought together more than 2,400 medieval experts from over 60 countries in a unique, interdisciplinary forum. As part of the packed schedule, the IMC hosted a series of discussions, demonstrations and debates centred around this year's special thematic focus of 'Borders', which consisted of 17 timeslots spread across the four-day period, featuring up to 43 parallel academic sessions at any one time.

As the IMC’s very first fully hybrid experience, 80% of all delegates attended the event in-person whilst 20% logged in online. 66% of attendees travelled from, or took part virtually overseas, making this a truly international event.

Facilitating the exchange of views between specialists in all relevant areas, whilst providing opportunities for scholars at all stages of their careers to present their research, the event featured multiple academic sessions, excursions, book fairs, performances and workshops - many of which were free to attend and open to the public.

There were also opportunities for delegates to socialise and network together on the subject of all things medieval, ensuring that like-minded professionals within the fields were able to build important professional and personal connections; the event saw a great deal of individuals reconnecting with old friends whilst making new ones.

Axel Müller, Director of the International Medieval Congress, commented: “We’re truly delighted to have welcomed back an in-person IMC once again, paired with a fully hybrid experience for the first time. It’s been fantastic to bring together like-minded professionals from all over the world in a celebration and exploration of this important historical time period. Having the opportunity to launch our very first fully hybrid experience in the 29th year of the event has meant that we’re able to share the joy together here in Leeds, whilst also remaining accessible to those further afield in a really simple and easy way. We hope that the success of the IMC’s first hybrid experience will pave the way for other events like this to follow at the University of Leeds.”

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