How mobile order & pay is helping your customers

Who would have thought it back in January, that the world as we know it was going to change overnight? How we interact with one another and how we interact with the places we visit was changing coming into 2020. Digital transformation is upon us and before Covid-19, mobile order and pay technology was seen as a nice to have. Something that adds value but in the vast majority of cases, expensive.

Stepping back to September 2019 we launched Hospitality Digital Services also referred to as HDS. HDS is a cloud-based software solution company. We specialise in innovating existing technology to make it smarter, more intuitive and cheaper to operate. Aimed across the hospitality industry we soon started making waves.

HDS launched with two products. These are ConciergeHub and DisplayHub. These two cloud-based hosted solutions were developed to fix the pain points of food and drink ordering and digital signage within hotels.

ConciergeHub, is our mobile order and pay solution that converts the customers own mobile into a food and drink ordering device. We differ from our competitors in one way and that is we are not an app. This means customers do not have to download or install anything to access and order their food and drink.

 DisplayHub, is our digital signage solution that will convert any screen within your business into a digital signage screen. Once connected to the cloud, static content, looping video and slides shows can be designed and scheduled to appear on one or multiple screens.

DisplayHub also handles live feedback through schedulable questionnaires and smiley feedback forms. Other features include live managed meeting rooms, emergency mode for fire exit highlighting and delegate takeover. This feature allows your delegates to scan a screen in a meeting room and present slides from their own mobile phone. Untethering them from a static position. All with no cables, no downloads and no installs. For more information on our digital signage solution, please click the link.

Back in 2018 whilst attending the Hotel Tech Live show in London with DisplayHub, we noticed a gap in the market for a product ConciergeHub. HDS was the first UK company to launch appless mobile order and pay for hotels. Not only for hotels but dedicated to hotels. We are very proud of this.

ConciergeHub is very comprehensive. It understands how a customer will want to use it in and around the hotel. With features like guest directory for hotel information and live chat, your customer have never been so connected. Our hotels were reporting an F&B increase in sales by 23% through ConciergeHub and an increase of guest communication by over 30%. Since our hotels have returned, those hotels are experiencing a spike in orders. ConciergeHub has received a lot of positive press and feedback.

Watching it in use at our hotels, bars and restaurants, makes us incredible proud. Having used many other solutions on the market. They all seem rushed, clunky and just not thought through. ConciergeHub was in development for 12 months before launch in September. The functions and thought process came from industry professionals who live and breathe hospitality.

At Hospitality Digital Services we also love to push the boundaries of innovation. We are the ONLY UK supplier to be putting food and beverage alongside golf products onto the golf course. Our software also allows us to track the golfer on the course providing the club house with information on their location upon ordering. With options for a buggy delivery, collection from holes along the courses, half time house or end of game. Exciting opportunities for the golf industry.

Understanding it is about the customer journey first is what is making the difference. It isn't about changing the way the customer interacts. It’s about given them something that is close to how they want to operate. A solution that is non-intrusive. Yes, there is a shift and yes, we are asking people to order over their phone but with small levels of education everyone from the young to the elderly are adopting this new tech.

Digital transformation for many has been thrust towards them and picking a solution has been hard. Digital solutions are the answer moving forward and will be part of our lives forever more. 71% of 28 to 35 year olds would pick a place to eat based on whether they could pay off their phone. We are becoming a cashless society. It will be interesting to see what the new stats are now we are back.

Mobile order and pay and table service apps are here to stay, all restaurants and hotels will have it implemented by 2022. This isn't a stat more our opinion. Picking the right partner now will be key. However, if you are looking for a solution that is comprehensive and puts the customer at the heart of it then you should checkout ConciergeHub and DisplayHub.

Whether you require bedroom, table service or an enhancement in your audio/visual offering our smart solutions will enhance your business.

ConciergeHub has exciting plans around offers and incentives to purchase, reminders to order and upgrades on orders. Our road map is full and geared around increasing the venue F&B bottom line. We want to look at what our hotels are forecasting before and after introducing ConciergeHub. Our aim is to always add value.

Interested in our services then call us now on 07856 435 884 or email myself on

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Resources to be included are: – Company website – ConciergeHub product website – DisplayHub product website – Sister Company Website