Devon exhibition company protects office based staff across the UK

A Devon based family-owned business that runs exhibitions and conferences across the UK has come up with a novel way to keep its staff employed, and their jobs secure in the crisis, while helping other businesses keep their staff safe.


Warwick Corporate Events, who in normal times work for the Cabinet Office, the NHS, and venues from Scotland to Belfast to Exeter, have created to provide desk protection screens to businesses.


"We have thousands of meters of exhibition panels sitting in our warehouses, and with  no prospect of the event industry opening anytime soon, it was juts gathering dust" explained David Warwick, the founder and Chief Executive.


" I was having a chat with a Cornish friend who has a large open-plan office for his business in Launceston, who was trying to work out how best to protect his staff, and we hit on the idea of me cheaply renting him our panels to put between the desks.


" With the global shortage of clear plastic sheets, and manufacturers overrun, our Octanorm panels, the same that are used in the Nightingale Hospitals, provided the perfect solution.


"Literally over the weekend his web team created the website to make it easy for companies to get a price, and have the system installed. The best bit is that we can work across the country, for businesses large and small, from our depots in Exeter and Scotland, and it doesn't matter if you have 4 desks or 400, the pricing is simply per desk and you pay monthly for as long as the need to physically protect staff lasts."


SafeSpace123 has 4 plans, monthly "pay as you go", 3 months, 6 months (which is proving the most popular, and 12 months for the lowest possible monthly cost.


A business owner puts in how many 1, 2, 3 or 4 desk-blocks they  need, the wizard calculates the price so there is no need to wait for a call back or quite to arrive, and the system can be installed within 3 days.


The robust hire-grade panels are self-supporting, so there are  no legs or support plates to create a trip hazard, and the sanitary grade white plastic can be easily wiped down weekly as part of a company's cleaning regime.


"Nationwide installation is free, and insurance is included. And payments are monthly to spread the cost. When social distancing ends, no matter how long left on the plan term, we will collect the panels and there will be no more to pay" continued David Warwick " it helps keep peoples staff safe so their business can run and jobs are protected, and it keeps our 30 year old business ticking over too, wo everyone wins"


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