A Spring in its step: MEETinLEEDS celebrates busy conferencing season with uptake in virtual events

22 April 2021: MEETinLEEDS, the conference and events team at the University of Leeds, is celebrating the success of its busy conferencing season, as it welcomed the British Food and Drink Group (BFDG), the British Conference of Undergraduate Research (BCUR) and the 71st Annual British Microcirculation and Vascular Biology Society Conference (BMVBS), which took place virtually earlier this month and welcomed over 200 delegates, alongside a wide range of international keynote speakers.

After being postponed last year due to Covid-19, the 71st Annual British Microcirculation and Vascular Biology Society Conference was able return with support from MEETinLEEDS, as it spanned a comprehensive two-day event for over 200 national and international delegates, in order to share recent research covering a broad range of topics in the field of the microcirculation and the vasculature.

The conference, which was delivered across Zoom through proffered papers, also welcomed a notable range of keynotes speakers from New York, Switzerland and Denmark to name a few, as well as the University of Leeds very own Dr Georgia Mavria.

Despite the event being virtual due to current restrictions, the conference was able to facilitate a scheduled networking session as part of its programme, to allow for poster viewing and scientific interaction across like-minded delegates.

As a society, BMVBS actively encourages young researchers to become involved and advance their practice; an aspect of which was a prominent focus within the conference. In line with its mission, the conference provided opportunities for early career researchers to present their findings selected from submitted abstracts, flanked by excellent plenary speakers. Oral and themed poster sessions provided another opportunity for presentations and networking, whilst also demonstrating the high impact of the research, and how targeting the microcirculation could result in major health benefits for the global population.

The British Food and Drink Group (BFDG) also took place virtually earlier this month, facilitated by MEETinLEEDS, for its 45th annual event. Beginning with a self-organised student event, the conference welcomed a wide range of academic, clinical and industry-based scientists, in order to provide a platform for PhD students and early career researchers to showcase their work.

Closely followed was the virtual British Conference of Undergraduate Research (BCUR), which welcomed over 500 registrations from across 70 different institutions over a two-day period. In alignment with the University of Leeds’ rich Undergraduate Research programme, the virtual conference provided a platform for Undergraduates to disseminate their research and gain valuable networking opportunities.

Harriet Boatwright, Sales and Marketing Manager at MEETinLEEDS, commented: “We’re so pleased to have been able to support the BMVBS conference and the Society in their rebrand, positioning them as an agile and innovative society by bringing the conference online for its 71st event. The University of Leeds’ Faculty of Medicine is world-renowned for its research into developmental origins of health and disease, cancer, respiratory and the neurosciences, which is why the hosting of BMVBS felt like a natural fit for the University.

“The success of BMVBS, combined with BFDG and BCUR has proven the adaptability of the events industry, as well as the importance of collaboration and working together to thrive in these challenging times, and we look forward to supporting more conferences across the year, with the aim of meeting physically in the near future!”


For more information about MEETinLEEDS, visit: www.meetinleeds.co.uk