Next up in our 'Meet the Board' series is.... Emma Willis

We spoke to Emma to find out about her role at Warwick Conferences and being part of the AVS Board.

Job title

Business Development Manager at Warwick Conferences         

Date you joined the board

January 2022

Why you wanted to join the board

I wanted to join the board to influence and support the future of AVS.


What do you bring to the party

Extensive knowledge of working within a large academic venue and sales experience within the events industry.


What do you hope to achieve in the next 12 months individually and collectively

Alongside my fellow board members and the AVS management team, create an organisation that stands proud within the events industry and provides an efficient service to its customers and members. Personally, I hope to grow my experience working on the board and seeing the implementation of ideas I bring to the boardroom.


What’s the best thing about being on the AVS board

The best thing about being on the AVS board is working together with other industry experts to create a stronger member organisation within our industry.


What advice would you give to others thinking of joining a board  

For those considering joining the AVS board, I would highly recommend it. The opportunity provides scope for personal growth, knowledge of how a membership organisation is managed but most importantly the ability steer the direction of the organisation and raise its profile.


What do you love about working in the industry

I love how the coming together of delegates can create impact and legacy and how creative spaces can create unique memorable experiences for delegates.


What’s the biggest challenge facing the industry over the next 12 months

The events industry is under increasing pressure to reduce its environmental impact and adopt sustainable practices.


What do you love to do when you’re not working

Investing in my physical and mental wellbeing, making memories with family and close friends, and planning my next adventure.